acorn cap jewels

we are definitely feeling the fall spirit over here! where we live, the leaves are slow to change, but now that it’s november, we are seeing more reds, oranges, and yellows brightening up the landscape. N and i went for a little leaf-hunting walk around the neighborhood the other day, and found a bounty of beauty!

what would you make with these fiery treasures?

also, we recently had a great time creating acorn cap jewels and blogged about them over on kiwi crate. go check out our process… it’s super easy. you can turn this:

into this:

happy fall!!!

now, what to make with those gorgeous leaves…???


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  • One thing I learned is that tempura paint does not paint acorns. Fail on our part. Thanks so much for linking these up to the C&C Homemade Christmas Linky!

  • Jodi

    Wait, I don’t even know what to do?? Did I miss the directions?

  • click the link over to my guest post on kiwi crate (in blog post above) for the how to. enjoy!