happy valentines’ day, friends! i’m not in the ol’ bloggy habit right now, but i do want to share with you N’s class valentines for this year. i’m pretty obsessed with them, because yeah, i love sticks. and felt.

it was super-easy! N found a bunch of thin sticks in our yard and got inspired to make arrows. of course, she wanted to attach pointed rocks to the ends of the sticks, but i didn’t think that’d go over well in the kindergarten. so i remembered a cute pin from a year ago that had a much more kid-friendly way to make a stick arrow. when at waldorf, felt is always the first thought. we got down to biz cutting up some felt triangles and such.

N was a busy heart-hole puncher and autographer, while i hot glued the felt to the sticks. (you could use craft glue and let your kid do this part, but we’re in love with the instant gratification of a hot glue gun.)

N chose the felt palette, and i swoon over her choices.

using red and white baker’s twine, N attached the cute cards she made by tying a bow (a newly acquired skill of hers – woot!) in hindsight, it would have been supercool to put the stick through the heart hole she made before we glued the arrow tip on. (duh!) cute either way though, right?

happy valentines’ day!




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  • bumblebreeblog

    Super cute! Love it!! 🙂 Pinned.

  • Super duper cute! And we have a sort of decorative vase in our hallway filled with sticks the kids n I found through the Fall–Finally!! Something to do with them! However, I don’t think giving them out to MY LO’s buddies would be a great idea. However, I do have some very cool “hanging” ideas in mind! As I complete them, I will link you up I here so you can check me out 😀 Thanks som much for the serious inspiration….Jeanine
    PS–I just can’t do the ole blog in thang right now either.. To busy in my brain LOL! TakeCare!