baby blessing sunburst

my sister-in-law & brother-in-law are expecting their second baby this summer – yay! i wanted to do something special to celebrate his pending arrival. what better than a collaborative art piece where family and friends get involved?

i have done this project before for a friend a couple years ago, and it was beautiful and well-received, so i figured we’d give it a whirl for my nephew on the way. i emailed a list of people the couple provided to me and asked each one to send a brief blessing, prayer, wish, quote, or lyric for the family as they welcome their new son. i gathered the quotes and put them into a keepsake book for the family, along with the well-wishers names.

then i selected excerpts from the quotes and wrote them out on pretty goldenrod card stock (this time without everyone’s name.) after i wrote them out, i cut them into strips.

i watercolored a mandala of the family to place in the center of the art piece, which i envisioned would be a sunburst.

we recently visited our adorable nephew (1y 5m old), who is soon to be a big brother, and he (along with mommy and daddy’s help) finger painted the background image for this blessing piece of art. tip: use analogous colors of finger paint so that it doesn’t turn out brown or muddy, unless that’s the look you’re going for.

after the paint was dry, i glued the blessings and mandala to the finger painting to create a sun shape.

what a colorful collection of wishes for the new baby on the way!

this piece, which i framed for their home, holds the energy of all of their loved ones’ support as they welcome a new little boy into the world!


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  • this is a fantastic idea!

  • Gwee

    Beautiful, just beautiful and so thoughtful!

  • Carol Williams

    What a wonderful piece of art Good job all and a whole lot of work and time.

  • Christy Weiss

    Love it! I think I may do something like that for Cullen’s first birthday! I have been looking for something special and unique to do for him.

  • This is so beautiful and a great piece for the child to have – and the parents! What a blessing it is! I bet it could easily be turned into a remembrance piece of art too for lost family members. I may think of a way to do this for my mother-in-law.

  • Simply beautiful. Your ideas are always full of grace, Jen. And I really love the photo of your painting nephew. The expressions on his parents’ faces is priceless!

  • I just adore this and I am thinking about creating one this week for baby number 3. Any helpful ideas to get started? I thought I would have the girls paint and then ask family members and friends to send a blessing via E-mail and print it out. Karen
    Sippy Cup Central

  • jen

    hi karen – yes, i’d start with emailing your friends and family and asking them for a blessing, wish, prayer, quote for the little one (by a certain date) and then printing or writing them on pretty paper strips as they come in. then you woucl wanna do a painting for the background with your kids, pick out a frame, and figure out what you want to put in the center. here i painted a watercolor family silhouette image, but you could use a family photo, a pic of you with your pregnant belly, etc. enjoy and please share yours with us on my facebook page when you finish it – i’d LOVE to see it!!!

  • Zina Harrington

    Thank you for the wonderful idea. I created one with my girls for a friend who lives simply. It was the perfect gift! She absolutely loved it. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  • Amanda Shaneberger

    how difficult is it to paint the mandala? I am not an artist. The rest of the project seems doable. – Thanks!