banana pops

this isn’t a new idea or an art project, nor is it rocket science. it’s just something i happened to pin and then actually do last week (woah, a follow-through on a pin!?!) and it made N say, “this is the BEST dessert ever!” (really?!) i just froze bananas after making them a little fancier. yep, that’s it. imprintables offered a pinworthy photo of their version, giving a nod to the red thread.

a couple years ago, i introduced N to one of my breakfast favs of having thin slices of frozen bananas in cereal. the milk freezes around each slice making it extra yum. since i knew she loved frozen bananas, i figured i’d put a stick in it and dabble on a tad of chocolate and sugary goodness and try to pass it off as dessert.

all i had laying around were these short (half-sized) popsicle sticks, but i figured they’d do. i sliced a banana into about 5 pieces. i dipped just the flat end  of each piece into a little chocolate syrup and then some nonpareil sprinkles.

left handed dessert-making while right handed iphone photo taking. you bloggers know the drill. woah, i need a manicure!

i put them onto a plate covered in plastic wrap and froze them. i took them out of the freezer about 10 minutes before we were ready to eat them so they’d soften a wee bit. when i served them for dessert, N was PSYCHED! my husband thought frozen banana tasted like a pudding pop of sorts. score! everyone feels like they’re eating ice cream, but it’s a fruit serving (with a smidge of chocolate this time.)

i just had to share the simple sweetness with you all. ;)



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  • Rachelle | TinkerLab

    Mmmmmm. We are SO going to make these. Yum!