beaded name bracelets

we’ve done some bead crafts before, but N wasn’t ever as into diligently stringing beads as she was today… when my self-proclaimed beader went to WURK.

we got out our trusty alphabet beads to make a baby bracelet for a newborn friend (and a big sis bracelet for the newly-minted big sis.) we like to mix these with our mish-mashed bead collection on stretch cord to make funky trinkets as gifts.

we’ve also used these same combos to make allergy-alert bracelets – remember? N picked out some beads she loved, and we also made her a name bracelet for herself today.

(knitted sweater a la my mom)

as i was working on the baby bracelet, i noticed that N was rooting through the letters, and had picked out a stash of beads and was stringing them happily on the other side of the table. honestly, this wasn’t going to be a blog entry craft until i saw what was going on.

it wasn’t until i was finished with the baby bracelet that i realized what she was doing – too sweet!

customized jewelry is quite a perk of having a 3-year-old who can spell the names of her family members.

batgirl, the beader

i proudly sported my mommy bracelet all day long!

way better than silly bandz, yo!



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  • It always melts my heart when one of the girls appears holding a ‘mummy’ inscribed masterpiece – my desk is getting quite full of them now! Your bracelets are a lovely idea for a homemade gift.
    P.S. The Play Academy linky is up at NurtureStore today – I’d love it if you would come and share your idea.

  • Gwee

    Hope someday soon I’ll get a “Gwee” bracelet. She always amazes me!

  • Oh! That is so sweet of her. And those bracelets are really
    cute. I simply love. And I guess this beading idea is a great mother and daughter
    bonding activity too.