beautiful blogger award

today i was honored to receive the beautiful blogger award! thank you to ayn at little illuminations for bestowing the compliment.

in the spirit of the award, i will play by its fun rules. which are:

  1. thank and link to the person who gave you the award (thank you again, ayn!)
  2. pass the award on to 15 other bloggers who inspire you and then let them each know you’ve given them the award (see below)
  3. state 7 things about yourself (see way below)

i’m passing this award on to 15 bloggers who totally inspire me each and every day, and for whom i obsessively check my rss feed to find updates from them:

  1. geninne’s art blog – gorgeous illustrations, amazing studio, inspirational artist! makes me long for endless afternoons alone in my own studio, playing with watercolors….
  2. pink and green mama – fellow artsy momma blogger with an endless supply of genius ideas
  3. mamaroots – i first became obsessed with her etsy shop, and now i adore her blog, too!
  4. livenlearn – also smitten with her etsy shop, and i love this creative homeschooling blog (even though i’m not a homeschooler…technically. i mean, all mothers are teachers and all homes are schools, right?)
  5. chasing cheerios – such a cute blog with wonderfully artistic ideas!
  6. to the moon and back – my talented, witty, honest friend’s blog on parenthood and womanhood
  7. 5 orange potatoes – the beauty of earthy domestic life encapsulated perfectly. j’adore! (and sooo makes me want a sewing machine! which is a good model for uber-beginner sewers like moi? no, i don’t speak french at all. what has come over me?)
  8. the crafty crow – such a fun round-up of crafts out there on the web. a staple in my morning. like chai.
  9. the artful parent – i can’t say enough nice things about the sweetness of this creative site.
  10. salt and chocolate – the name of this blog alone makes me hungry. two of my favorite flavors. beautiful inspirational photographs and ideas.
  11. better to give – my awesomely talented, soulful friend was part of this co-blog for just a month, but i still reread it now. gives me perspective.
  12. wise craft – this makes me want to redecorate my home and make amazing gifts for everyone i know. (if only time and money grew on trees, i’d do just that.)
  13. 4 crazy kings – really clever art ideas for kids
  14. that artist woman – reminds me that i need to nurture my adult artist self in the midst of parenting
  15. the yeti club – i had to include this blog. N and i are a part of it, due to her yeti obsession. i always have fun hunting for sasquatches online.

now i hope all 15 of you spread the love to 15 blogs that excite you! aaand, for the third part of the “rules”:

seven (totally random) things about li’l ol’ me:

  1. i had my first small business when i was 7, selling the eggs our chickens laid to the ladies in my mom’s exercise class that she taught out of our home.
  2. i don’t eat anything that has a mom.
  3. if i were not an art psychotherapist by trade, i think i’d want to be a novelist, a spiritual advisor, an interior decorator, a wedding planner, and/or a fashion stylist.
  4. i adore geology. (nerd!)
  5. fireworks make me cry… like from a very old place somewhere deep in my belly.
  6. i’m completely petrified of taking the down escalator.
  7. my closet is organized in ROY G BIV (rainbow) order, and always has been.

much gratitude to each of these incredible bloggers (and oh-so-many more!) and to all of my readers and facebook fans! it’s awesome to know i’m not blogging in a vacuum over here – i appreciate the virtual community.


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  • Thank you!! I’m honored to have made your list. Your blog should be on that list, simple because the projects and ideas you post about remind me to be creative with my kids. Seems like some days we get so busy that we can forget to make time to just hang out and create stuff together. So, thank you for reminding me of that.

  • Oh Jen that is so sweet and and I am touched to be on your list with such lovely other blogs too! You just made my night and I loved reading the 7 things about you- so fun to learn more- I love your first business! Hope you have a wonderfully crafty weekend with oodles of love!

  • Thanks so much for the lovely award Jen, I really enjoyed reading your list. Very well put and lovely list of fellow bloggers – I’m honored. : ) -MaryLea

  • Awwww shucks! Thanks for including me in this great list of bloggers. You are so deserving of this award!

  • Thanks so much for including me on this very inspiring list!