there’s nothing terribly inventive about making little creatures out of tiny (or big) fingerprints, but there’s always something irresistibly cute about it!


we usually send out nearly 200 paper holiday cards each year, but this year, out of respect for our earth (and limited budget) we are creating a digital card… but then we realized that we needed a few little cards to accompany the few handmade trinkets we’re crafting for family members. so, handmade cards on recycled paper is the way to go! i got out my beloved colorbox ink in cyan and let the little one go at it, putting her little fingerprint on our cards.

fingerprint art

then, with my beloved sharpie (can you tell these are materials i adore?) i drew the most minimal features to make her cute prints into little bluebirds of happiness.

bluebirds of happiness!

bluebirds of happiness!

with a brush tip sepia faber-castell artist pen, i randomly sketched in some branches.

fingerprint art

then i used the same cyan ink pad to stamp a script “joy” on the insides of the cards (stamp from my beloved paper source – oh huge crush!) and wrote little notes (and let N sign her own name to a few) for our loved ones. a sweet, personalized wintery scene to send!

fingerprint birds

i think red birds on white stock would be a lovely holiday card, as well! there are tons of other animals and characters that can be made with fingerprints – a fun idea for cards, gifts, and art in general!

then we had all of the (few) holiday cards we needed complete in an afternoon – now we just have to dream up a digital holiday card to create for all of our dear friends…



printer friendly printer friendly
  • paulette

    Jen, you’ve done it again. Can’t tell you how much I love your website and how amazing talented you (and N) are! Have you painted on tee shirts yet? If not, hope you soon do so I can get some more of your wonderful ideas!!! Stay cool. We’re baking in North Carolina, and I don’t mean in the kitchen!!

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