bleeding art tissue paper

i’ve had a pack of bleeding art tissue paper in my art supply stash for a while – unopened. the other day seemed like a great time to break it out and make some colorful “paintings” with it!

N and i cut and tore various colors from the large sheets of tissue paper. we then arranged them onto white cardstock-weight paper. N opted for a graphic mix of shapes and colors, while i attempted a sunset-over-water scene.

after the tissue paper was arranged on our pages, N got some practice with the squirt bottle while spraying our pictures with water.

she had so much fun with it that she found some narrow strips of paper and asked if she could make bookmarks this way. sure! (repeat process.) then we enjoyed watching the colors blend and ooze across the wet paper.

we let the “paintings” dry outside while we ate dinner.

after dinner N pulled the tissue paper off of the pictures. our results were lovely and somewhat unexpected. we found that the reds, greens, and some of the blues transferred very well, but the yellow blocked out all color and registered as white, whereas the orange created yellow prints.

i’m wondering if we’d get more saturated results if we added a bit of white vinegar to our water squirt bottle…? maybe next time. have you tried printmaking in this way?


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  • We have done something similar to this. On a rainy day this past winter, we glued bleeding tissue on paper (in a rainbow shape–you would havr loved it), and then put it out in the rain to bleed. the interaction with nature added a fun element to the project. Strange about the yellow not bleeding. And I’ve never tried vinegar, but that’ something with experimenting with.

  • jen

    oh my – i love the rain and rainbow idea, rachelle! it’d be right up our alley over here! we’ll have to try it if it ever rains again…. which i know will be coming soon 😉 thanks for sharing. i was thinking vinegar might help the colors transfer in a more bold or vivid way b/c that’s what we used with bleeding tissue paper for dyeing fabric a while back…? worth a shot?