body tracing

we’ve been having a lot of BIG fun over here…

often in our house, we hear N calling from the den, “mommy, will you trace my hand on the magnadoodle?” so i oblige, and she decorates her hand.

yesterday morning, a light went off for me – body tracing!┬ábody tracing is a wonderful body awareness intervention in the art therapy world – how perfect for a toddler. N loves to draw people’s faces and bodies and learn about what parts go where. this is right up her alley – making a life-sized self image! so we got down to business. i rolled out some light brown kraft paper that i had around (any roll of large paper would work – like the rolls you put on your kid’s easel or solid wrapping paper, etc.) then N layed down on it, oh-so-giddy about the prospect.


i traced her outline with a black crayon (so as not to mark up her cute peacock pajamas.) she giggled when i traced her ticklish feet! then we got out our creamy crayons to decorate it (markers or crayons would have been fine, too, but she chose to use the creamy ones because “they show up brighter”)

she tried to make it in her likeness.

she chose the outfit the “big N” would wear and decorated it, down to the flower on the shirt, green crocs, and a silver bracelet.

when it was finished, she had a laughter fit about how her new N friend was her twin…┬áthen N instructed me to cut out the image so she could put it on her wall. we taped it (with blue painter’s tape) to her bathroom door. (i could totally see these lining the halls of a preschool or elementary school…)

now she laughs at it every time she heads to the bathroom. such a fun activity that teaches little ones who are just learning about drawing people how to place all of the parts onto a figure, and a great confidence booster in celebrating and decorating their own body’s shape and size!


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