checking in, my friends

hey there, everyone! yep, i’m still here… it’s been such a long while, and i thought i’d wish you all a happy belated new year! well, today is the tibetan new year — so happy year of the female water ssssnake! oh yessss! while i’ve not been active in the blogosphere these past months, we’ve been super busy over here in many creative ways!

the art production never, ever stops around my home. here are just a few little images of N’s recent creations:

as for me, i’ve been busy starting up my art therapy practice and my blessing ceremony offerings. i’m also jumping through hoops to get my counseling license in the state of california, which they do not make either easy or fun ’round these parts… but i’m checking the requirements off my list, and i can see the light at the end of that tunnel.

i’m also here to share a little iphone self-portrait as an entry in for a giveaway from one of my fav blogs, the paper mama. so here’s my most recent selfie, just snapped this past saturday at the beach with the fam.

chelsea (aka – the paper mama herself) asked that we share a bit about ourselves, so here’s me, in this moment, using the fun format she presented:

obsessing over…

  • finding a cute bike helmet. (does that exist?)
  • learning to grow some veggies in my backyard
  • ridged potato chips and french onion dip
  • making art with sticks
  • instagram

working on…

  • studying for the second (of three) counseling licensure exams…
  • getting caught up on playing ‘draw something’

thinking about…


  • springtime!
  • new clients
  • a vacation…?

listening to…

  • coyote oldman and jay-z. i like to mix it up.


  • just had a glass of red and i’m about to dive into a trader joe’s dark chocolate bar with caramel and black sea salt


  • on stars, dandelions, eyelashes, candles, pennies in fountains… all. the. time!

how about you all? what have you been up to? whatcha creating? reading? eating? obsessing over? i’d love to hear from you!


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  • amanda

    i’ve missed your blog posts.. used to visit regularly until you went on hiatus. i randomly checked back today and was pleasantly surprised :) my 3.5yo has been also creating up a storm – most current project was a hand embroidered heart pillow which she so proudly did herself :)
    anyway, take care n happy creations :)

  • jen |

    thanks so much, amanda! i do keep my facebook page updated with new photos and archived seasonal ideas. i also post a lot of my favorite findings from around the web on there, so please do check in with me on facebook at: — my intention for the future of this blog was to morph it into a space to inspire creativity in moms, too… and that may still be on the horizon later this year! thanks for checking back in and stay tuned! happy creating to you, too! xo