crayon resist reprise

we’ve done this blog before… a wax resist lesson with crayons and watercolors… but this time N reeeally got the idea and had a ton of fun doing so.

it helped her to have a concept like “things that are in the sky” to draw, and then to paint a blue sky around that. N chose to draw a tree and a sunshine with crayon, and then paint the sky blue.

other ideas could be to have your child draw “things in the grass” like flowers and bugs, etc, and paint the grass around it. or “things in the ocean” and paint the water around it, etc. you get the idea. i realized that this sort of directive helps to make this art task come to life.

then we moved onto some other mixed-media crayon/watercolor pieces…

N: "this is julie, and she has the sun on her face so it's yellow"


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  • Prerna

    hi, I love all the inspired projects you do with Novi. I have been following your blog for a couple of months and am totally hooked. Wanted to check where you bought the yellow paint pallete Novi is using in this project. We are looking for something similar.
    Thanks in advance…..

  • jen

    i think we got the yellow tray watercolors at a store in richmond, va, called “ben franklin” – they are glittery watercolor paint pots. i liked that the paint discs were larger. they’re made by a company called “darice” – hope you find them. check out for lots of art supply options!

  • Really beautiful!

  • Prerna

    thanks for that info Jen, I also liked them because of the pot size…