…i believe you can get me through the nii-iiight… you guessed it! we created a dreamcatcher, and surprise: it’s WAY easier than i thought it would be! i wrote a guest post about our dreamweaving experience on allstate’s good hands community, so be sure to click over to check it out.

the weaving always looked kinda complex to me, but it so isn’t.

to clarify, it isn’t simple enough for my 4 year old to do herself, but she certainly assisted in choosing the branch from the yard to use for the loop…

and in choosing the colors and materials that held the energy she wanted in her bedroom.

check out our guest post on the good hands community to see a how-to and to find out why a dreamcatcher can be an empowering art idea for children.

sweet dreams!


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  • Ok, I’m glad you clarified that your little lady wasn’t quite able to do it because I was thinking that it look really hard 🙂 It is beautiful though

  • jen

    gosh no, the weaving is probably not attainable for the littlest hands, but school aged children might be able to swing it. it’s not as hard as it looks though… her creative input in gathering materials and choosing colors was essential though. 😉