easter eggperiments

oh-so-many colorfully creative ways to dye an easter egg floating around the web this year… we could not choose just one! we had to sample them all!

see our garden flags in the background?

we got out tons of supplies and started on our mission to color a couple dozen eggs!

from one of our old annual stand-bys of the melted crayon dye resist on the hot hard-boiled egg…

to blowing out eggs (until the veins in my neck burst) to create hollow masterpieces we can keep for a while (and keep out of the fridge!)

N tried it too - it was way difficult for her, as well

to decoupaging tissue paper patterns onto eggs a la the artful parent

to sticker masking

to shaving cream marbling (like we did with paper two years ago – and hey, it works on eggs, too! tip: try the darker colors for best results)

to food coloring in a strainer a la pink & green mama’s post

to botanical masking (gone wrong)

to toenail easter eggs 😉

even some of our accidents were pretty…

cracked (oops) then double dipped in red & purple (N's fav colors)

…and some of our accidents were NOT pretty!

the contents of 6 hollowed out raw eggs dumped on our nice area rug

next year i vow to stray from the paas and food coloring to try vegetable egg dyeing. i’ve always wanted to, and have found some great recipes in the past. i LOVE the ones over at tinkerlab this year! but gosh, we had a lot of fun this week…


i also wanted to add that i was quite impressed with martha stewart’s egg dyeing iphone app! it’s 99 cents well spent for all of the inspiration it provides! (oh how i wish martha would give me a kick back for saying that!)

i’m saving some of these ideas for next year. once my neck and ears recover from hollowing out those eggs, i want to try more hollow eggs so i can create and decorate an easter tree with them since i didn’t get around to fulfilling that easter dream this spring.

all in all, it’s been quite an eggperimental easter week over here!

happy hoppy to you and yours!


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  • so many kinds! love those toes! Happy easter and Happy earth Day everyday

  • kelli

    We use a Blas-fix egg blower to get the yolk out of our eggs. You can find them for $8-10 or so. It’s really an awesome tool!

  • It looks like you had lots of fun! Love the different ways of dying eggs. I’ve linked up to your post here: http://play2grow.blogspot.com/2011/04/weekly-favorites-for-easter-2011.html Happy Easter!

  • One of oyur best posts yet. Such beautiful eggs! My shaving cream ones can out the best. I feel like such a goof for not having the kids draw on the eggs with different color crayons…we only used white. I will try and remember that for next year! How fantastic! Truely beautiful indeed, even the cracked one. =)

  • Yuck to spilled eggs on the carpet!
    Yay to Easter Egg painted toenails and shaving cream marbled eggs (genius!)

    : )

  • Hey Jen, Did the shaving cream marbled eggs work? We tried that technique two years in a row because Maia really, really (really!!) wanted to do it, but it didn’t work for us either time. The dye just didn’t hold. We tried with food coloring and liquid watercolors. The only time the paint stuck was with acrylic paint, but then it didn’t really look marbled. We were thinking of trying with BioColors this year because that paint sticks to more surfaces…

  • jen

    hi jean – yes, the marbled eggs worked, but weren’t all that vibrant. more pastel. you can see the result in the last 2 photos of the blog up there with the purple, blue, and white swirly egg. using biocolor might be the smart way to go because those paints are amazing with so many surfaces! great idea, jean!

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  • After complaining about how hard the egg blowing was to a friend she told me the trick was to get a long toothpick and break up the inside of the egg before you blow it out

  • oh my! i love you for this tip! thank you – must try it tomorrow when doing our easter egg dyeing!

  • Susan Sheahan

    Did you use paint,dye, or food coloring for the shaving cream eggs?  I use this technique for paper.  Being too cheap to buy ink droppers, I use food coloring with it, and I love the neon ones.  But I didn’t know what would work best with the eggs.

  • i used liquid watercolors, and we did not eat those eggs. i also use this technique for paper – fingerpainting paper works great. see our version of it here: http://paintcutpaste.com/marbled-paper/

  • Niecy

    If you add a few drops of vinegar into the shaving cream, the colors will hold better. The blues and purples still dye better than other colors. I had a friend who says she soaks the eggs in vinegar for a minute then uses the shaving cream but I haven’t tried it yet

  • Rachel R

    I use a toothpick, then use a basketball pump to blow it up. It wastes the egg, but my family doesn’t eat hard-boiled eggs, so they would have been wasted anyway.

  • thank you! awesome tip!

  • janiffer suiz

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