egg carton creative challenge: teeny baskets

we’re one of several wonderful blogs taking part in the tinkerlab creative challenge: create something using egg cartons! we made cute and tiny egg carton baskets.

what a timely challenge this was, too! on saturday when dyeing our easter eggs, i challenged my little N to make whatever she wanted with the egg carton.

first she instructed me to cut it up for her (after realizing it was too tough for the kid scissors. darn.)

N decided to paint each little cup with watercolors. i’m not sure if she had an idea in mind yet, but as she painted, she said they should be small easter baskets.

some were pretty intricate in their design.

she wanted to “sew” a handle to the cartons, but later decided that if she painted strips of the egg carton to staple to the egg cups, that would create a basket!

each basket was filled with a bit of easter grass. N was delighted to find these were the perfect size and shape to hold the wooden watercolor eggs she painted to give to friends.

a couple were even created for our tinkerfriends themselves, as we were lucky enough to have easter brunch with the tinkerlab crew! can you believe our good fortune in being neighbors with these folks?!?

N declared that the unpainted cups would be good drying spots for our dyed eggs…

…which turned out suuuuuper-bright this year, by the way — we used intense ukrainian egg dye!

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wishing everyone a colorful spring!


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  • maggy

    Oh my, those baskets are ADORABLE! So cute!!!


  • thanks, maggy! i’ve been seeing clients this morning and now i can’t wait to hop around the linky and check out everyone’s egg carton creations!

  • What a great egg basket and also drying for dyed eggs – I love the detail that she painted in the cups as well.

  • MiaB

    This is so cute!!

  • thanks mia!

  • thanks, cerys! she got into the detailing for a while, but the later ones were solid, once she lost steam. 

  • Jen, I LOVE these and I love how it was conceptualized, driven and executed by your daughter 🙂
    It does miracles to their self esteem when we trust their ideas!
    I agree – both you and the Tinkerlab folks are lucky to have each other as neighbours! I’m happy for you and jealous, too! 

  • I saw the baskets in the linky and was excited to head over…should have known these would have been one of your little N’s creations! Really cute and so funny she instructed you to cut them up with grown up scissors 🙂

  • thanks, chrissy! kid scissors can be so frustrating or limiting at times, right? but the adult scissors are just too much at this age. 

  • thanks so much, rashmie! i totally agree — staying child-centered with art (and most things) does so much for healthy esteem development! come visit us in the bay area anytime!!!   

  • Rebekah Patel

    The mini baskets are precious!  And I especially love that N came up with the idea on her own.  I think I just might borrow that idea next year.  =)

  • thanks! we’re still having fun with them as toys!

  • Jen

    Wow! Very cute and adorable. Awesome and perfect for the kids! I really loved the materials you put to complete the features the basket. We did an Egg Carton Color Sorting Activity game out of the same materials you used. You should check it out! 🙂 Preschool Egg Carton Color Sorting Activity