eggshell candles

oh, this is one of my favorites so far… i’ve been wanting to try this springy little idea ever since i saw it years ago (from martha, i believe) but haven’t gotten around to it until now. we made beautiful springtime candles inside of eggshells. we LOVED every minute of this colorful quest on this rainy, gray spring day!

i began by piercing a dozen white eggs with a needle, breaking away a small opening around it (leaving about three-fourths of the shell in tact,) and then dumping out the egg. make yourself a coupla nice quiches! create the opening large enough that it doesn’t trap smoke inside the shell when candles are lit. (and if you would rather put a tealight candle inside the eggshell than the melted wax method we’re about to show you, make it open enough to fit that in there.)

then we set out to dye the eggshells. i know it’s not very creative to just bust out the paas kit, but we had one left over from last year in the art cabinet, and i wasn’t feeling up to embarking on naturally dyed eggs this morning, nor the food coloring method. because N and i decided we wanted subtle pastel colors, we used the directions that just require the tablets to dissolve in water (instead of vinegar or lemon juice) so they aren’t so saturated.

we had to be very careful with the delicate shells as we did this, but they turned out so beautifully!

i liked how the insides of the shell were dyed a bit darker than the outside with this method.

N was loving the shells as they were! but they were soon to be candle holders…

next i melted soy wax in the double-boiler on the stove. you can use beeswax, too. (i happen to have a stash of lots of waxes from my old natural bath product biz.) you can find the soy wax shavings at michael’s for about $7.

we bought some 2.5″ candle wicks at michael’s for this project, and they worked out perfectly. when the wax is warm but not yet liquified, i spooned out a little dollop of wax into each eggshell and used it to stick the wick base to the bottom of the shell.

then i carefully poured the hot wax into each eggshell, about halfway full — or maybe more on some. we let them sit in the egg carton until they were hard and cool.

we displayed some of them in egg cups. you can get these at the dollar store, craft store, or grocery store. i found our solid colored ones at safeway for $2 each.

these cuties are from a local antique shop. love their expressions!

hilda & hulda

there are so many variations to this project – you can keep the eggs white and dye your melted wax different colors, use brown eggs instead of white for a natural look, dye only the insides of the egg by pouring the dye only into the hole, etc… use your imagination.

these make a beautiful addition to your springtime dinner table, spring nature altars, easter brunch table setting (serve up the quiches from the eggs you dumped out,) or a wonderfully creative hostess gift, packaged in little baskets with natural grass. how lovely would that be?!

hatch a little springtime light of your own!


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