an elfin advent calendar

i haven’t made a habit of blogging here lately (though i do blog over on my art therapy site, here), but i just had to share this cute advent creation with you all! when the holidays hit, i kick into high gear crafty mccrafterson mode. if you’re a follower of my blog, you know we are usually up to our eyeballs in peggy gnome creation in my household. well, i’ve been feeling rather elfish lately (i was even a woodland elf for halloween) so i decided to surprise my girlie with an elfin advent calendar! elf advent calendar

this is an idea that exemplifies inspiration coming full circle. last year, i inspired my bloggy friend, kate, over at an everyday story, to begin creating peg gnomes. then she made them as part of her children’s advent activities, which inspired me! first, i found a curio cabinet on etsy that had 25 slots in it that are tall enough for a short peggy doll (wearing a fancy hat!) this is where the elves will make their home as they are collected, day by day. i also found some really cute tiny copper engraved number tags on etsy for each elf to wear as a necklace. numbering them 1 through 25.  i purchased some wooden peg dolls from my favorite source and painted them with watercolors and sealed them with my yummy smelling homemade wood creme.


next i set to work doing a blanket stitch around 25 multi-colored 100% wool felt winter capes for these cozy little elf friends.


each elf began to have its own personality, and i let them all inspire me with ideas for hats. whether sewn woolen hats, acorn caps, shells, or even wool ear muffs, each elf came to life. i hot glued the pieces all together, and decorated them with various sequins, bells, ribbons, acorns, and tiny pinecones. i gave them hair by using multicolored wool roving. the art table was craziness while my daughter was away at school. shhh.. it’s still a secret for now.


my plan is to hide each elf somewhere in the house on each morning of december. with it, there will be a scroll with a poem about a wintery, festive, or generous activity we will be doing that day. (i list a bunch of ideas on an old advent post here.) after n finds the elf, she can place it in its own cubby in the elf home – which i may spruce up over the years…


i am in love with this little bunch of cuties, and i can’t wait until december 1st!!! (and i’m sooo happy to bid farewell to the ever so creepy elf on the shelf this year!!!)


and of course for christmas eve and christmas day!


 happy holidays, dear friends!


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  • sabrinaart

    OMG! this is soooo beautiful! what a creative committment you made! I’ll tag this for another year….thinking of making something with felt that hangs….gotta make amo a stocking too! xoxoxoox happy holiday planning!

  • Cathy @ NurtureStore

    How lovely to have a post from you in my reader! I love your little elves, especially that each is unique. We have made our own Advent calendar for the first time this year – a big, whole family, painted one. Roll on December 1st!

  • Maureen

    Just had to share how your elfin advent calendar has inspired us.
    Our families at StrongStart have created 25 new peg dolls to play with. Each day of December a new Pegkin (that is what we call them) arrives and is introduced during storytime by the family that created it. Then it is added to our Tree House play area. It has been a magical way to inspire the families to use their creativity, imaginations and storytelling. Thank you

  • elsiescot

    we love peg dolls here, these are gorgeous

  • thank you cathy! i’d love to see yours, too!

  • OMG maureen! this is SO amazing!!! thank you for sharing it with me and for the shout out! happy holidays!

  • thank you!

  • thank you sabrina!