fairy herb garden

over spring break in april, it was time for me to plant some potted herbs for the season. with all of the fairy house excitement as of late, N wanted to make them into “fairy herb gardens,” naturally.

even without her own pinterest account, this trend seemed to seep into the consciousness of my 5-year-old. go figure. first we potted the herbs into two large pots. N said that she would decorate the basil and rosemary pot, and the other (sage, cilantro, and parsley) was for me to adorn. i felt honored to get to do one, as i assumed she’d do both. yay!

she decided we needed our shrinky dink herb tags here, but the ones we made a couple years ago weren’t the same types of herbs, so we spent an afternoon making new shrinky dink tags. (easy steps: scribble with colored pencil on rough side, cut shape, write herb name with sharpie on smooth side, heat shrink, stick in soil.)

then it was time for the houses. i gave her a choice of using natural materials (like she does in the yard) or painting some wooden birdhouses we have ($1 bin at michael’s.) she chose the painted route, and we got to work on our fairy houses.

they turned out really inviting, if you ask me!

next we gathered up some items for landscaping… like colorful marbles, stones, shells, sea glass, and even a few of the lovely painted sticks we made a couple years ago. N excitedly designed her fairy herb pot.

she spent a lot of time getting everything just right for the fairies. what a hostess!

the herb pots are so darn sweet… and we’ve spent some time over the past month (has it been that long!!!??!) clipping sprigs of herbs for our dinners and sprucing up the fairy neighborhoods.


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  • http://curlybirds.typepad.com/ Helen

    Ha ha, we both posted on gardening today. Love the fairy houses. I have been debating adding fairy tears to our garden, but it gets so very hot here in the summer, I am a bit worried about the glass starting a fire. We could do the painted sticks, though.

  • lucymfel

    What a great idea to get your daughter involved in planting. I just started this year with actually planting and growing. Our daughter is 16 months old and we planted coriander with her. We also just picked some collard greens this morning. Definately can’t wait for her to do more on her own as your daugher. 

  • http://paintcutpaste.com/ jen | paintcutpaste.com

    thanks – my daughter has always enjoyed digging in the dirt and getting creative with it. that’s great that you’re already planting with your 16mo! happy spring!

  • http://paintcutpaste.com/ jen | paintcutpaste.com

    in sync… (um, not n’sync though.) ;) i never thought about the glass starting a fire, but that’s a super good point, helen. i totally recommend the painted sticks though – and painted rocks can be a fun addition, as well! 

  • Alittlejournal

    What a beautiful idea. I just love it.

  • http://paintcutpaste.com/ jen | paintcutpaste.com

    thank you so much!

  • Pinkoddy

    They are very lucky fairies

  • http://paintcutpaste.com/ jen | paintcutpaste.com

    thanks… i’d so live here if i was tiny and had wings. ;)

  • Rebekah Patel

    What a pretty fairy garden!  

  • Anastasia@healthymamainfo.com

    This is so creative! I’ so doing the same with my kids. Just recently we planted lost of veggies and herbs in our small garden, and now we will decorate it with a few cute fairy houses :) Thanks for sharing!

  • http://paintcutpaste.com/ jen | paintcutpaste.com

    thanks, rebekah!

  • http://paintcutpaste.com/ jen | paintcutpaste.com

    thanks anastasia! please share photos on our fb wall when you do. i’d love to see!