fairy looms

does your little one gather thousands of leaves and twigs every time s/he’s outside? mine does! from nature walks to playgrounds to the preschool sandbox, N is constantly in search of treasures. when i saw the framework for this idea on moment to moment, i thought it would make a sweet storage space for seasonal findings.

i like how on moment to moment, the kids made beaded strands and various things to add to their fairy loom (which we’ll likely do later,) but mostly i wanted to make one where we could store natural objects… a fairy loom for all seasons! first, we needed a sturdy stick in the shape of the letter Y. last week we went on a nature walk with gwee, and hunted for said stick with no luck. we did find plenty of leaves and things, so N saved the things she gathered in anticipation of making a fairy loom.

over the weekend on a hike with her daddy, N found the perfect Y shaped stick for her loom. it was a bit bigger than i’d imagined it being (i was envisioning a 1-2 foot stick) but it turned out to be perfect.


N and i chose some variegated ribbon to thread the loom. you could use any ribbon, yarn, twine, or string you like. i wound the ribbon around the forked part of the stick. in hindsight, i should have created a loop around each side of the branch on each pass to make the weaving tighter. eh, next time.

weaving ribbon in a figure 8 pattern


we wove the found objects into it… leaves, feathers, pine needles with tiny pinecones on them, lavender, flowers, etc. N said “over, under, over, under…” as she wove.

when it was finished, N was so enthralled with it. she asked with wonder, “do you think a fairy would land on this?” (i think she’s hoping for tinkerbell to visit her, like in the new tink movie that just came out.)


we brought it into the house and put it in the corner of our den, kind of near the seasonal altar (though not in this photo.) it seems like a good place to store some of the little beautiful treats that N brings inside for us, and perhaps we’ll string some beads and shells to add to it, as well. i’m excited for the leaves to turn reds and oranges and yellows so we can add them to the loom — the color change happens later (and less vibrantly than i’m used to) in the bay area.

the loom can be cleaned out and redesigned with each season. i also think smaller (and bigger!) ones would be pretty hung from trees, hung on porches, or placed around the yard…  oooo…


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  • THANK YOU! We are headed to our new property in the mountains on the New River for the first time since we actually owned it. What a beautiful way to display the treasures we are sure to collect!!!!

  • dia

    This is a great idea – thanks for sharing! My grandkids will love it.

  • Cute! I wanted to let you know that Charlotte and I made your leaf masks and they came out adorable!


    Thanks for the inspiration! I am so thankful for all the ideas out there!

  • Wow this is really cute I will be doing this with our daughter this weekend.

  • Gwee

    i love it. so glad N had a chance to make one and put all of her treasures we found in it.

  • rae

    a wonderful project. we have made them lots of times now and at different times of the year and they are always lovely! we just did them again yesterday at an afterschool nature craft class i am co-teaching. so fun!!

  • I’m enthralled with most of your ideas… but this one is absolutely captivating and I can’t wait to make my own!

  • jen

    thank you, everyone! we’re enjoying it!

  • Libby

    Hi there. I teach kindergarten and just happened upon your Y-stick looms last weekend. Part of my students’ homework this week is now to collect Y-sticks. Today we went on a nature walk and began making nature collections (which is right in line with California Science Standards). Back in the classroom, we emptied our nature pouches onto white paper and sorted our findings in groups of similar objects (pine cones, twigs, acorns…) and drew representations of our collection on the white paper, with labels (in line with Science and Math Standards). Our next step will be to weave our collections into the looms.

    Thanks so much for this wonderful idea! Libby

  • jen

    thanks for all of the awesome comments!!! i love to hear them, and libby, how cool that your whole class is involved in this! that warms my heart to know little ones are connecting with nature and their own creativity! happy fall everyone!

  • they are great aren’t they. we are in the process of making some of these

  • What a beautiful idea. My daughter will love this – she is such a collector of sticks, leaves, etc!

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