hearts: make ’em, don’t break ’em

love is in the air! and at our house, hearts are EVERYWHERE! so we wanted to share… N has been having fun cutting her own hearts out of all sorts of paper.

the other day she decorated several of them using creamy crayons, glitter glue, and markers.

they’re on the fridge now, along with a cute one she cut out and glued to another piece of paper to make it into a “heart-person holding heart balloons.”

on one of our all-time favorite blogs, the artful parent, we saw the idea of cutting and watercoloring hearts out of coffee filters. just like we made coffee filter snowflakes earlier this winter, we did the same with hearts. coffee filters are awesome – not only are they easy for kids to cut, but watercolors bleed across them and blend beautifully when painted.

N spent an entire afternoon making TONS of watercolored hearts.

we hung some up on our backdoor so that the light could filter through the colors.

we mod podged some of these hearts to blank cards to make valentines for our family members.

some of our favorite heART activities from years past are:

happy upcoming heart day!  what are your favorite heART projects?


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  • Beautiful! You always inspire—-Thanks!

  • I have been following your blog for sometime now and love your posts. This morning my kids and I did something cute inspired by the Family Fun Magazine I thought you might like. I thought of letting you know because it reminds me a big of the Yarn Balloons from a while back…with a Valentine’s flair.


    Fun stuff! Thanks for all the cute postings and keep ’em coming! I really should comment more when I enjoy the stuff you contribute; I just forget because I scroll through stuff on Google Reader. I have a few written down from this month I am dying to try! Best to you and your sweet girl!

  • jen

    so great, gianne – i commented on your post. feel free to share this on our facebook page!