illustrated summer fun

summer officially begins today, the summer solstice. what better way to ring in the season than to brainstorm with your little one(s) about all of the fun things you can do together in these beautiful, expansive months ahead?

when i saw this idea for summer fun cards on teach mama, i knew that N would be really into it. she used index cards, but i thought i’d check our stash of scrap papers to make these. then i realized i had a pack of blank index cards in our stash already, so it was kismet. white cardstock is good for illustrating, though you could do this with any papers you have around (think: brown paper grocery bags, used gift wrap, etc.)

N and i thought of all of the fun summery things we’d like to do together when the weather is warm and the days are long and there’s no preschool in session. i wrote these things on the cards in marker. then i passed them to N to illustrate any way she’d like, with some dry media: markers, crayons, and colored pencils.

here are a few of the finished ones that N drew. i drew on a few of the cards (not pictured below), as well… we had TONS! N loved learning about what illustration means by doing this project.

then i used a hole punch to make holes in the cards, and we strung our cards on colorful yarn. we hung them in N’s playroom….

…where we can be reminded of all of the potential…

that these long summer days hold.

happy summer! have a blessed solstice!



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  • What a way to start the day faced with all those options.

  • Oh my gosh! Your cards look great! Thanks for the link back, my friend–and happy fun-filled summer!

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  • love lists, anything incorporating literacy, artsy additions and collaborative efforts 🙂 great display idea, too!!