interesting things

on a warm spring day in the backyard, N made up a game that she simply called “interesting things.” it’s really just a natural treasure hunt… but it made for quite the beautiful nature collage.

we took turns hunting for “interesting things” in our backyard. she made up a rule that we could not pick anything – it had to already be on the ground. each time we found something, we had to “place it gently on the board. gently, gently…”

we had to hide our eyes while the other one found an object and placed it on the board. then we had to look at the board to try to figure out what was new each time, which got harder as we gathered more things.

i just loved this kid-initiated activity – and it resulted in a lovely nature collage installation, however temporary it may be. (at least photos aren’t!)

our collaborative masterpiece with mother nature



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  • fun!

  • Love it – and it looks so pretty 🙂