kid inspiration board

i’m a big fan of inspiration boards. i love looking at the ones that geninne and jean post on their blogs… and gosh, pinterest is just one big ol’ inspiration board, isn’t it? i’ve put up my own boards in the past (dec 2009 board seen below) but i don’t have one going at the moment.

then i figured that my little artist in residence is actually producing more work than anyone here, so we might need to revamp the board that is on the wall in front of the art desk she uses in our kitchen. she has one of those magnetic white boards from michael’s mounted on the wall. here’s what it has been looking like for months now, unattended.

N doesn’t need to look at her letter magnets while writing at this point, and the board needed some overall TLC, so we removed everything from it. then N selected magnets she has made over the year. then she chose works of art and various images that inspire her.

what i love is that N said that her own art inspires her art more than any other images, so she selected her own works to post. 🙂

do you have an inspiration board for yourself? for your children?

(if so, share a link to it or a photo of it on my facebook wall)


printer friendly printer friendly
  • Love this idea – I want to share your link on my FB page!

  • A kid inspiration board is such a good idea! I have a vision board which Sunnyboy has helped me add pictures to.

  • I used to always have an inspiration board up, but it must have vanished when I turned my studio into a baby room. I hadn’t even thought about it until now! And it’s been 3 years. That feels so sad. But you’ve inspired me to bring it back, and this time I’ll co-create it with my daughter. Awesome idea, Jen.