lavender wands

last year when i saw this post on one of my favorite blogs – 5 orange potatoes – i was smitten. isn’t lavender just the most heavenly scent ever? and these lavender wands are so easy, earthy, and elegant.

when i first saw the idea toward the end of last summer, all i had in my yard was very dry lavender, and i tried it out with that. it wasn’t all that attractive or easy then, so i vowed to wait until it bloomed again this spring.

let’s be real – this isn’t a young kid task. toddlers can help you pick the lavender, but it takes a kid of a few more years to do the weaving. (even momma thought it was a tricky small motor skills task!) as per the instructions, i gathered an odd number of stems of fresh lavender (anywhere between 9 and 15 – i did lucky #13 for mine!) that were at least 12″ long (or as long as you can get them.)

then i plucked off all of the leaves, rubber-banded the lavender just under its blooms.

next i followed 5 orange potatoes’ well-written/illustrated instructions and held the bundle upside down (blooms at the bottom.) i then folded each stem downward, one by one, to encase the lavender flowers. after i did that, my wand looked like this.

then i chose a 1/4″-1/2″ satin ribbon, and cut it to about 2 yards in length. i tucked the end of it in at the top of the wand (where the stems start to fold down) and began to weave it around and around through the stems – over and under. it makes a checker-boarded pattern as you go around because you have an odd number of stems.

don’t forget to pull it tight as you go. once the flowering part is covered and you feel like you’ve had enough weaving, wrap the ribbon tightly around the stems, then tie a knot at the bottom. i left a long tail of pretty ribbon dangling from it, too. then i trimmed the stems to an equal length.

these are the ones i made last year with the dried lavender stems, along with the new magenta one i just made. can’t wait to keep making more!

these make for a pretty and natural wand or sword for your little one to play with (and subsequently fall asleep due to the calming properties of the lavender,) or they make nice gifts for drawer sachets or pretty additions to a seasonal altar. i sent the fresh one to a friend for her birthday.


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  • 5orangepotatoes

    Great job and thanks for the link love! We love making these every year, they smell so good!


  • jen

    thanks, lisa! i love this idea and have had it in the back of my mind since i read your post. (even tried it with the dry stems last year as you see in the bottom photo, but with little luck.) i LOVED doing this with fresh lavender and will definitely make more! thank you again for the inspiration – i adore your blog!

  • hannah


  • Kimara

    I’ve been wanting to make these too. I have tried unsuccessfully for years to grow lavendar in my yard. It simply won’t thrive here. But yours turned out lovely. I so love the smell of lavendar!

  • sippy cup mom

    Those are lovely, wow! karen

  • mama king

    Just beautiful! I wish I had some lavender growing in my garden!

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  • Joymharvey

    Used to make these as a child. So happy to see directions so i can share with my girls!

  • jen |

    so glad this brought back a childhood memory! enjoy making them with your own kids!

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