mini-matisse, mini-monet

to be honest, i have been up to my eyeballs in autumny-halloweeny-crafty projects, as you can tell from the past few blogs. while they have their place in toddler-land, i was really craving some good ol’ ART TIME with my girl.



sure, with toddlers and preschoolers, sometimes pre-fab art materials (“glue this spongey apple onto the spongey pre-cut tree, and voila: a recognizable product!”) can be satisfying and occasionally educational, but it does not necessarily warrant self-expression! for that, i break out the freeeee materials: paints, chalks, crayons, markers, sculpting material… let the lines, shapes, and colors come from the body and onto the page, canvas, clay! i love to see what and who visits us from N’s brain each day.

canvas art

today i found an old canvas i had painted on years ago. i gessoed it, then painted an aqua background on it while N napped. when she woke up, i presented her with a palette full of fun colors (acrylic paints) and the prepped canvas. she was so excited to be “a real artist” and kept asking me if i would hang her painting in the louvre. (yes, i would.)


then i found two tiny flat canvases i had in my stash (3″ x 4″) and let her express all over those, as well.

my little monet is mastering impressionism

my little monet is mastering impressionism

ahhhhh, ART craving satiated for this art therapist momma! (and i think my little girl had a blast, too!) why not let your pint-sized picasso have a crack at a canvas?



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  • My 2 year old LOVES canvas. I also gessoed an old painting of mine for her to paint on. I can’t wait to buy her more canvas.

  • Amy Hill

    Where did you get that little paint palette wheel thing? So cool!

  • jen

    amazon has some of these palettes: Plastic Paint Palette – 7” w/10 Paint Wells

  • maggy

    Beautiful! And delightful. I love them both.

    Again – thank you for sharing – great examples of getting your kids arty!