monster magnets

play-doh is a surefire way to occupy N all on her own for at least two hours, if not three. throw in some googly eyes, and we were doing the monster mash up in here!

the day N was playing with play-doh, i happened to see my blogger friend’s post about her pink and green mama’s halloween craft fun book. at the bottom of the post, there was a cute little piece of play-doh with an eyeball stuck into it. again, with only that one photo, i was inspired by the wonderful mary lea (her books are great – check them out!) anyway, adding the eyeballs to N’s play-doh play was a hit.

she squashed so many different colors together, giving them funny eyeballs and faces, and having a good time making silly monsters.

play-doh is not all that strong when it’s dried, so admittedly model magic or another modeling medium like sculpey would have been better to do this with if planning to keep the final product. but it’s about the process, right? and well, it was a play-doh day for us anyway. so we went for it regardless.

we decided to see what the product would be like if we kept N’s cute creatures, so we let them dry for a few days. sure, they’re a bit crackly in spots, and sure a few eyeballs fell out and needed to be elmer’s glued back on, but still so adorable.

so much so that i decided to use household cement to attach magnets to the back of each monster face.

right now they’re gracing our fridge and getting cozy with some of N’s other art work, though i anticipate that each unique  monster will be given a new refrigerator home come halloween week… 😉


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  • Adorable!! We called ours “Not-So-Scary Monsters”
    Aren’t they fun?!
    My girls have always loved using Googly eyes with our playdough
    BTW, feathers, pony beads (teeth) & pipecleaners are fun too!!

    Pluffy clay from Sculpey would work really well for this project too!

    (pink and green mama)

  • jen

    thanks, marylea! yeah, i really wanted to use beads, but N got going before i had a chance to get them out and she was on a roll with just the eyes, so we kept it simple this time. yeah, like i said in the post, next time i want to use something other than play-doh though b/c it doesn’t dry all that strong. i love that they’re magnets now and i get to look at all those funny faces on the fridge!

  • They are absolutely adorable!