muppet revival

as a child, i was a HUGE muppet fanatic. i listened to “the muppet movie” soundtrack over and over and over in my bedroom every single day for several years. my favorite holiday album was (and still is!) john denver & the muppets: a christmas together. when i was 5, i had a rainbow painted on my bedroom wall and muppet stuffed animals strewn across my bed. my master’s thesis was titled: “the rainbow connection: the chakra system as a framework for transpersonal art psychotherapy.
” (okay, so nevermind the latter part of the title — i was trying to convey that as an adult, i never got over the rainbow connection piece.) i had a major boo hoo session when jim henson passed. i met his daughter when out with some puppeteer friends when i lived in NYC, and asked her to draw kermit on a napkin, which i kept. i’m a muppet weirdo. yep. so you can imagine my muppet-crazed-child-of-the-70s elation when my daughter fell in love with the muppets, too.


while she has never been into sesame street like many of her friends (N complains, “there’s no plot mommy! it just jumps around, and i want a story!”), she loves all of the muppet show/muppet movie characters that jim henson created. she’s a bit lonely in this, as most of her preschool friends don’t know who gonzo is, but she’s happy to teach them by drawing pictures like this at preschool:

animal and kermit

N is particularly into the muppet band, the electric mayhem:

can you picture that?

when N sees my husband in the morning, the verrry first words out of her mouth are, “be floyd!” most of my days are spent swinging my hair back and forth, saying “fer sherrr” while pretending to be janice. and N is, of course, animal. she will see a letter “A” and say, “that’s what my name starts with, because i’m not N, i’m animal!”

family portrait: floyd, janice, and animal

we play a “guess which muppet i am” 20 questions type of game for hours on end many days, and she LOVES finding obscure characters to pretend to be, like beauregard, lew zealand, sweetums, and dr. bunson honeydew. she often tries to take over when we have our computers on so she can type out “our” names.

because the muppet songs, the muppet show, the muppet movies, the muppet stuffed animals, and the muppet personalities have taken over our home and art for the past three months, i figured i should post about it here. that is authentically the subject matter of most of the art and play happening in our home at the moment. do your child’s favorite characters find their way into the art in your house, too?



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  • Love this post! I love the muppets too! My best friend (a # 1 muppets fan!) painted her daughter’s (nursery) room in the Muppet theme and put a lot of her collection of figures and stuffed animals with it! She is almost 7 now and the room still hasn’t changed! That is so cool that is so cool that your daughter loves the muppets!

  • Thank you for stopping my my site, Jen! I {heart} Muppets… There is really so much to comment on here, so much fun. Love your mission and the deeper thoughts on art your methods inspire. And I love that your space is so beautifully branded.


  • My daughter’s artwork has been hijacked by “Cars”. Her pretend games keep echoing the first three episodes of “Punky Brewster”. I would love to see some Muppets manifest, but so far her only Henson love is Fraggle Rock (and she is way more interested in the music than either the Fraggles or the plot).