nature’s stained glass

happy earth week! N and i are no strangers to picking some leaves and flowers andĀ melting some crayons between wax paper… so we combined the two!

once again, we spent the afternoon in the yard and N gathered all sorts of leaves, petals, and flowers… even if that meant picking them from our flowerbed.

we collected them in the bottom tray from a flower pot. (it was handy.)

we gathered up some supplies, which include old crayons, a veggie peeler (to shave the crayons with,) some wax paper, an iron, and a towel.

after i shaved some of the crayons, N arranged the flowers and other findings on the wax paper and sprinkled on the crayon shavings.

when we were finished arranging, it looked like this:

we put another piece of wax paper on top, then a dishtowel. i ironed it on the maximum setting, but nothing seemed to be happening. i’d recommend using a very thin towel or cloth napkin — or you can do what i did and risk ironing directly onto the top sheet of wax paper. (somehow this worked out okay…??!?) then voila — our spring collection preserved in a sun catching way!


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  • lovely project. I think i will try it tomorrow.

    I was just posting on some great books called Workjobs. After reading your blog for a while I think you would dig them!

    Happy Earth Day!

  • That is just so great. Love it. I think I will try this too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi I have linked this to my blog and started to read your blog. I think its fab! Thanks for sharing x

  • Made that link.
    Still getting to grips with blogging. Thanks for coming over xx