our night in a treehouse

this weekend i surprised my amazing husband with a super-fun gift for his birthday — spending the night in a local treehouse! and, of course, my daughter enjoyed the experience most of all! (i kept it a secret from her, as well. she’s not the best surprise-keeper, so i figured it was safer this way.) i just have to share this magical, inspirational experience with you all…

a few weeks ago, i was in bed, flipping through properties on my airbnb iphone app (so addictive!) and daydreaming about travel. i came across the special feature on the app showing houses in trees, and found a treehouse “b&b” of sorts that’s about 15 minutes from where we live! click here to check out the video about it!

i knew i’d stumbled upon a gem, so i booked it for just one night, unbeknownst to my family. on friday we arrived at the 3pm check-in time. we got a tour of this creative hideaway from its owner and builder, doug. such a cozy, unique spot! (incase you’re wondering: electricity and heat = yes. plumbing = no… but access to a private bath & kitchenette down in the main house.)

this is N's bed - we slept in a queen-sized loft bed just above

one part i loved is that there are hens on the property! this took me back to my own childhood where we had hens in our yard, and i collected their eggs each day to sell by the dozen and use the money go buy their feed – my first entrepreneurial experience at age 7! N got to have the experience of collecting their organic eggs for our breakfast the next morning. one of the hens (which i understand to be an andalusian chicken) lays beautiful pale blue-green eggs!

which were delicious, by the way!

two blue, one white, one brown

N spent a lot of time outdoors building “fairy tree houses” with natural objects she found on the ground…

…and swinging on their fabulous tree swing – a big hit!

swinging happily below

if you’re ever in the bay area, i highly recommend spending the night in a tree! it was a really interesting way to commune with nature, to listen to (and being part of) the creeeeaking of the tree moving in the wind all night long. (nope, we didn’t sleep much, but it was worth it.) it was a lovely place to watch the sun set and then rise again over the SF bay. and a sweet way to get up close and personal with other tree-dwellers.

N enjoyed making her artistic mark on their guest book, too!

happy birthday to my loving, brilliant, grounded, supportive husband!



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  • Carol Williams

    sounds fun and looks good!!

  • This looks absolutely amazing. I’m wondering if I could take the kids there. And thanks for turning me on to airbnb…didn’t know about it before! Glad you guys had a great time – looks so relaxing and a great time for family bonding 🙂

  • Amy

    This looks so neat!