one year blog-iversary!

it has been one year today since i began this blog on july 1, 2009*. whoo hoo! in the past year, we’ve published over 140 entries to this blog… that’s a lotta art made! it warms my heart that we have just reached 850 followers on facebook who are all getting artsy with their little ones!


to celebrate, i wanted to post a little round-up of just a few of my favorite art activities that N and i have experimented with over the past year… it is so hard to choose, but all of these below are fun to do in these warmer months, so i hope these flashbacks spark ideas for you all now. here goes:

color hunt (so fun with even the littlest ones!)

shaving-cream marbled paper

kool-aid painting (hey, it’s better than drinking the stuff!)

shrinky dink garden tags

watercolored stationery

baked clay garland

(these are hearts, but you can do this any time of year with any shaped cookie cutter… perhaps flowers, butterflies, suns, and birds for summer??)

nature impressions

nest zest orbs

handprint flower tote bags

shell garland

strawberry basket weaving

thank you for following us and keeping us inspired all year long! here’s to many more years of making art to come!

*sure, some of the posts date back to march 2009, when we did a few projects that i wanted to include in the blog, so i pre-dated them so readers could use dates to calculate N’s age at the time of creation based on her january 2007 birthday.


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  • Hooray, hooray, hip, hip, hooray!!

    I love what you do here, and what a testament to your creativity and total awesomeness that so many others are reading and taking your artwork home!

    Thanks for sharing–can’t wait to try the Kool-Aid painting, nature impressions, and flower bags over here!!

    hugs and many congrats, my friend!

  • congratulations! what a special anniversary! can’t wait to try a few of these…marble painting, nature impressions and those AWESOME little nests look especially fantastic…i’ll be sure to let you know when we try them!
    ;-), linz

  • happy blog-iversary!