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our egg ritual

yes, i’ve posted this one before [1]… and it’s because we’ve just realized that this is becoming one of our springtime rituals in our house. sure dying easter eggs is fun, but watercoloring wooden ones leaves a lasting impression.


a package was delivered to us last week from casey’s wood products [3]. when i opened it and N saw a bunch of wooden eggs of all sizes, she started jumping up and down… “we’re painting wooden eggs again!?!? yay!!!”


because we were having a few families over for dinner, N wanted me to woodburn the names (blurred out below) of the kids onto a few of the eggs (and one for her, of course) with my trusty woodburning tool.


then she was totally absorbed in watercoloring the eggs with colors that remind her of those people.



after polishing the eggs with our homemade wood creme [7], we presented them in a nest to the kids at the dinner. the artiste was very proud.


i think we’ll do this every year… as gifts, and as decor for our own nature tables and baskets. what springtime rituals do you have in your home?


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