painted shells

it’s the simple things. we went to the beach on sunday. it was a foggy afternoon on the western side of the coastal range here in the bay area. a beautiful time for the three of us to spend together…

we spotted all sorts of treasures…

N is happiest on sand or with a paintbrush in her hand… so we had to decorate some of our beach booty upon our return. it wasn’t really a planned activity. we had the watercolors out and the shells were there, so it sort of happened.

and now our shells are all decked out in technicolor! i wish i knew how to drill holes into them to string them for chimes or necklaces, but i haven’t the tools. what do you think we should do with these beauties?


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  • Roopa

    Those look lovely. My DD had done this too…
    The language is kannada (one of Indian language) Hope u can appreciate the pics atleast

    I wrote alphabets on the back of these shells with markers and we play arranging the alphabets in order, what comes next etc

  • Darcey

    These shells are really pretty! You could hot glue them to a glass jar to make a fancy candle holder. If they are too big for that, you could put them in a jar with some white sand and use it for a cute beach theme decoration. I’m sure other people will have suggestions, but even if you can’t find something specific to do with them, you had fun making them so that’s what matters.

  • Darcy Troutman

    I love this idea! We went to the beach a few weeks ago and made seashell jewelry, but for some reason I never really thought about paining shells. What a great project.

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