painting comets

this week N is attending a summer camp at her preschool with a space theme. when i dropped her off on monday, she sat right down at a table to paint a comet. i found this very cool (props to the teacher for this blog!) so i whipped out my iphone to take some photos of the process.

on the table were small squirt bottles of biocolor paint, plastic scrapers (you could use recycled cardboard from a cereal box instead,) and paper. the kids were asked to squirt the paint out onto the paper into a concentric circle pattern.

then using the plastic scraper, the kids scraped the paint to one side.

the biocolor paint stains the page where it was in the circle and as stains the path it took when traveling along the page when scraped. it stains everything else, too Рwear a smock! pressing harder yields clearer results, like the one on the right in the photo below. it reminded me of how liquid watercolors stain paper when doing shaving cream marbling.

i’m loving how these colors leave their mark behind. i am wondering how this could be done with other applications/themes. what are some other ideas?


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  • Jen

    What a wonderful blog- looking forward to reading more and learning from you.

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  • jen

    thanks, jen! i enjoy yours, too!