paper fans

did you fold paper fans as a kid? sometimes the simplest things offer the greatest joys and lead to new possibilities.

i remember sitting in a warm elementary school classroom and creating these easy paper fans to wave around to cool myself off… or more likely, just to feel cool. N has been less into drawing these past few weeks and more into creating 3D art out of paper. so as we sat at the kitchen table the other day, i showed her how to fold the paper back and forth to create a fan. she picked it up easily and was off on a folding spree. she made a few fans… some white, some colorful.

and then she cut one of them up into zig-zagged strips. this reminded me of a wonderful father’s day card i had pinned recently from Day In My Life. perfect timing… so we got down to business hand tracing and cutting to create these cute cards for daddy and grandfathers.

these cards would be great on any occassion, really!

stay cool in the summer heat… make your own paper AC!



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  • We will do some fans today!. It is a great skill for five and six year olds to learn . It is going to be 92 F here today and tomorrow.  I remember sitting in my warm elementary school and everyone proudly making fans to cool off too. No air conditioning at home either. Congrats on your upcoming milestone!

  • thanks, melissa! fans are a fun memory, right? 🙂

  • Heather N

    I remember making those fans during hot school days. Our teacher would say over and over again how the fanning action you were doing with your arm defeated the purpose because you were using muscles/exercising and it would make you feel warmer. Haha! We sure had fun, though.

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