paperclay sculptures

N and i tried this new (to us) clay out called paperclay that i got from my boyfriend, dick blick. (i heart dick blick.)

i love the texture of this stuff! it’s non-toxic, smooth and easy to mold, and it air-dries within 1-3 days without getting all cracked and dried out. (you can also expedite the drying process of it by baking it.)¬†we had fun playing with it and squishing it around for a while (and N thought it smelled like glue… uh, has she been sniffing glue?)

N wanted to make some animals out of the paperclay, naturally.

carving details into her cat's face

she asked me to make a dragon for her, and she created a cat and a small turtle.

we took a long weekend vacation, and when we returned, the clay was dry, of course. we had a good time painting it with tempera paints. (you can also use acrylic paint or markers to color the paint.)

after the three animals were painted, N wanted to use the extra paint to paint each of their portraits!

i thought that was such a sweet idea… say cheese, animal friends!

we’re definitely going to do more sculpting with paperclay soon! (gosh, i wish i got paid for these reviews/endorsements! oh well… it’s all for art’s sake, right?)


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