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N found these great unfinished wooden ornaments while tinkering along in michael’s holiday section, playing with treasures in the lowest bins. she brought one over to me and asked if we could bring it home. “of course, and let’s bring its friends home with us, too!” i replied. so we bought out the store. (well, they only had like 10 left, but they were 80 cents each, and with my awesome 50% off coupon they were only 40 cents each! score!)

watercoloring wooden ornaments

at home, we combined two of my most favorite media – watercolors and wood. we sat outside and painted away on the wooden baubles.

then we allowed the paint to drip dry as the ornaments hung from a tree in our backyard. the drips make really pretty effects on the ornaments, too!

watercoloring wooden ornaments

after the ornaments were dry, i concocted a natural wood creme to rub onto the wood in order to seal in the paint (and make them smell yummy, too!) my wood creme is made from melting beeswax with jojoba oil and a few drops of tea tree and lavender oils for natural antibacterial properties and heavenly scent. i think sweet orange oil would be delicious in a wood creme, too! (these ingredients things i had around the home because of my love for making natural bath and beauty products, but you can get most of them at stores likeĀ wholefoods or online bulk suppliers.)



N loved this magic potion portion of the activity! after the creme hardened in its tin, we were ready to seal the deal. i just rubbed the wood creme into the ornaments with my fingers, polishing off the excess with a soft cotton cloth. (this wood creme works great for sealing handmade wooden toys, too! stay tuned for that…)

watercoloring wooden ornaments wood creme

now these little ornaments are ready and waiting to adorn our tree and the yule trees of those near and dear to us. (yep, another surprise spoiler blog.)



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  • Just found your blog and I’m SO glad I did!! LOVE IT! Thank you for this recipe – I can’t wait to make my own. One question – after melting the items together, did you pour it into a container and then simply let it harden?

  • jen

    hi mari-ann! thank you for your comment.. yes, i just poured the melted liquid into a tin pot and let it harden – only takes a few minutes, depending on size of tin. sorry, i should have mentioned that. hope you enjoy the blog! happy creating!

  • Hello, I just found your blog & fall in love with it. Thank you so much for sharing this info. Could you please tell us the exact measurement for the recipe for this wood creme? Thank you very much.

  • these wooden ornaments are beautiful! i will have to remember to look for them this yule.

    if you are like me, your wood cream didn’t use measurements. i just melted my entire bar of beeswax and kept adding oil until i felt it was time to stop. my wood seal is frim but i can easily dig some out with a finger and rub it into the wood.
    i used only lavender and tea tree oils because that is what i had. my goal is to have a huge collection of oils and really get creative with scents and lib balms.