pre-cut collage

i’m honestly not sure why N and i have not made many collages before… but we finally did! we gathered up a few magazines, scissors, glue, and a scrap piece of black posterboard i had laying around and got started.

N and i flipped through magazines and she told me the pictures she wanted me to cut out. while she is now able to use scissors, her skills aren’t at the level where she would successfully cut out an image she really wanted. so this time, i was a third hand for her.

N was superhappy to squirt glue onto the backs of the images.

she thought about where she wanted each one placed, and took her time. i was somewhat surprised by the care she took with this.

after the pictures were applied, she wanted to draw on the black paper with crayons, so she created a story involving the pictures and her drawing, and told it as she drew.

when she was finished, she was quite proud!

for my adult art therapy clients, i often have a box of pre-cut collage images from which they can choose pictures that resonate for them without our taking up our sessions hunting through magazines. i may do the same for N when i get a spare moment, by cutting out lots of images for her to have at home for this purpose.


printer friendly printer friendly
  • I’ve used some seed catalogues to make some collages with my toddler and she loved it.