revisiting heART crayons

just wanted to check in to wish all of you a happy valentine’s day!

yep, we made heARTful crayons again this year… per N’s request, we brought them back from this post two years ago. (last year N gave out homemade smoochie lipbalm to her friends – yum!)

this time around, when upcycling crayons, we incorporated a few valuable tips from my beloved blog readers and from our own trial and error.

here are a few ways to make your life easier when making molded upcycled crayons:

  1. soak the crayons in water for about 10 minutes before attempting to peel the labels off. it’s CAKE compared to the last time we did it and i had rainbow wax under my fingernails for days! (my fingernails thank you, wendy!)
  2. spray the mold with non-stick cooking spray (nut free, please!)
  3. put the mold onto a cookie sheet that is lined with foil (to catch drips)
  4. “bake” for 15 minutes at 250 degrees. (you may need to add on a couple more minutes to be sure they’re all melted.
  5. note: stubs from your kid’s crayola twistables do not melt at this time and temperature like the regular ol’ crayola crayons do.
  6. transfer crayons directly from the oven to the freezer
  7. pop ’em right outta the mold, package, and share the love!

hope it’s a lovely day! hug your loved ones close; reach out to loved ones far.

happy heART day!


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  • These are always so pretty! The crayons are def a work of art! I like the crayons better than actually coloring with them! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Thanks so much for the detailed instructions – especially how to get the labels off the crayons. I can totally relate to ‘rainbow wax under the nails.’

    Just wanted to mention… “PAINT CUT PASTE inspiring young artists” could be amended to “PAINT CUT PASTE inspiring timid / not-so-young artists”.

    Enjoy your enthusiasm and ideas.

  • somehow just saw this, carolyn… i love your tag line! love it!