shed turned playhouse

the shed in our backyard has been less-than-attractive since we moved to our new place six months ago. we sort of unpacked our garden things into the shed in a haphazard way, and let them sit there for the winter. spring cleaning and revamping was in order for this shed.

sure, it's not the most glorious structure, but it has potential

i had a vision of turning the shed into a little playhouse for N, using things we already have and hitting up freecycle and some yard sales.

after taking everything out of the shed, and cleaning it off, we began to turn it into a fun play space! every play area needs a sign, right? so N and i painted one together.


N's background & letters, outlined by mommy in white. bubbles by mommy.

and with a little TLC and a big splash of color, our drab shed took on new life…


a place for play

(more on this feature tomorrow - stay tuned!)

a place for creating…

art supplies in drawer beside easel

a place for displaying…

a retractable clothesline makes for a nice place for art to hang & dry

a place for collecting…


birdhouses, jars of pinecones, jars of shells...

for storing toys, balls, bubbles, and playthings…

with the addition of N’s water table, little pool, sprinklers, small picnic table, fairy tent, bikes, and other fun playthings, our backyard will prove to be a fun space to hang out and enjoy in these warmer months…

ah, much better!


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  • Cindy C.

    Oh My goodness! Genius strikes again! That is the loveliest space EVER for a child. N will so appreciate that now and years to come. You are amazing!!

  • So fun!! I love it — the girls and I will be right over to come play!! : )

  • Perfect – so inviting 🙂

  • what an awesome space and idea!! so fun and inviting.

  • my daughter wants a shelf like the one with the birdhouses on it in her “tree house” for displaying her finds! awesome pics!

  • This is just perfect! I want one. 😉