shrinky peeps

the other day we busted out the shrinky dink paper again. N wanted to “make some friends.” by friends, she meant toy people to play with – she calls them her “friends” (yes, she has real live ones, too.) i thought this was a sweet idea. i love that she wants to make her own toys!¬†she got right to work drawing all sorts of characters.


then i cut out the images she drew, and we shrunk them in the toaster oven. for your reference, when you cut out shrinky dinks, don’t cut things (like limbs) too narrow because they curl up in the oven and i had to nearly burn off my fingers trying to uncoil them before they cooled/hardened.

shrinky dinks

because of this curly mishap, they looked like they were dancing, and N loved this! she watched “happy new year, charlie brown!” on the same day, and she thought they really resembled the dances that the peanuts do. totally!

dancing shrinky dinks

N proceeded to introduce her new “friends” to their new house, and they played for a good long while that afternoon. (until she decided, “i’m going to throw away the one with the big head because he’s blurry.”) well, alright. (mom kept him.)

i'm a huge fan of the clown-afro dude who's in bed

i'm a huge fan of the clown-afro dude who's in bed


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