silly spiders

over the weekend, we went over to N’s classmate’s house for a playdate. N’s friend “s” has a super-creative momma, karen, who planned out a cute halloween craft for the kids to do together. she agreed with my photographing their process and sharing it with you on my blog. so here are our silly spiders!

the night before the playdate, karen covered a few styrofoam balls with orange tissue paper (using glue) and gathered other materials such as orange and black pipe cleaners, googly eyes, puffy balls, feathers, and glitter glue. you could do this with black tissue paper to make black spiders, too, or any other color, of course!

we started by asking the kids how many legs a spider has, and the girls began to stick the metal pipe cleaners (legs) into the ball (body) to create the spider’s form.

dress-up time was right before art time, so N was dressed as tigger here

then the fancy decorating began. they glued on googly eyes and puff ball noses.

while N kept her spider quite minimalistic, “s” decided that her spider would have really colorful feathery hair and lots of sparkly glitter glue, and it turned out so awesome!

both girls were quite proud of their silly spiders! this is such a non-messy, super-easy craft for kids from 2 years old and up. our spider will certainly be a cute addition to our annual halloween decor.


thank you for the playdate, “s” and thank you, momma karen, for this sweet idea!


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