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stringing beads for spring

happy spring equinox! lately we’ve been on a beading binge over here. in the late 90s, i was an avid beader. i sold some of my jewelry in a small shop in brooklyn at the time. ever since then, i just bead on occasion for random gifts, as i still have lots of supplies on hand (and rarely need to buy new ones; luckily, little beads go a long way!)


i decided to pull out the beading boxes again last week and make a few spring things for myself and as gifts. N got in on the action, too. first, i wanted to try my hand at braiding scrap fabric as a base for a wooden bead necklace, sort of like one i saw on pinterest [2] (the braided part, at least) from the cakies [3] blog (which is so awesome, by the way!) i started by tearing up some old fabric scraps.


once braided, i strung some large wooden beads onto them and sewed them closed using my sewing machine (though you could easily tie them or  hand stitch.)


the wood was fun to work with, so i whipped up a few wooden bead bracelets on elastic cord embellished with embroidery floss, too.


and N wanted to create a wooden necklace of her own using beads a friend gave to her and some indigo hemp.


i LOVE how hers turned out (and want to wear it myself, though it won’t fit over my neck.)


i had fun with some old seed beads, gemstones, and charms, as well. they were strung into some sweet bracelets, too.





N created a warm colors/cool colors bracelet for herself while i made these.



it was fun to bead with my daughter, side by side, and i love that she takes such joy in what has always been one of my go-to handwork activities. aaand, they make for cute gifts for friends!