sun prints

what a perfect thing to do on these sunny summer days – make your own nature photos with sun art paper!

on saturday, N had a friend over to play. i tasked them with finding interesting looking natural objects in our backyard. they mostly gathered leaves and flowers.

then we went into the shade and pulled out a couple sheets of our sun art paper. (i bought three sizes of it from amazon over the winter, when i was daydreaming of sunny days ahead. this time we used the 5″x7″ paper.) we arranged the leaves and flowers on the paper before going into the sun.

next we put a clear acrylic sheet (comes with the paper) over the objects. this holds down your things so they don’t blow away in the wind or move around while exposure is happening. each sun art paper kit comes with just one, but if you want to do more than one at a time, raid your picture frame stash (especially the cheap plastic ones) and borrow some more from those. we left the paper in the sun for just 3-5 minutes (until it turns a very light blue.)

next we put the papers into a tub of water for one minute. because we wanted out images to turn out a deeper shade of blue, i added a few drops of lemon juice to the water (like it said to on the package.)

we repeated the process with more leaves and flowers… and some bubble wands, too!

after the prints have soaked for a minute, let them dry on a towel. (once completely dry, you can press them in a book for a day or so to make sure they are flat.)

the girls had fun watching how their pictures turned out, but mostly they were psyched just to run around with their popsicles. (perhaps the reason the package of sun art paper says for ages 6+)

these beautiful natural prints would make lovely cards, but i think i will frame this batch in a series to display in our home.



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  • ooohhh! very cool…i’ve got some of this stuff stashed away, but had completely forgotten about it! great project…looks beautiful!

  • Jess

    wow, they are beautiful

  • I love sun art! Another cool way to do this is for Novi to draw on a projection sheet. Then her art will be transferred! Or you can even print images and photographs onto projections sheets and have the same thing happen. I have a really cool picture of one of my kiddos and I together that was transfered this way, then we sewed it onto a pillow for his room.

  • I had no idea there was such a thing as sun art paper! We just did this activity last week (found it on but we used construction paper! It worked okay but this looks even better. Thanks!

  • Joanna

    Wow! I went straight to Amazon to order some. How cool! I love how you framed it! I can’t wait to try this next week with my son.

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  • I’ve got some of this waiting for the right day. I dont think mine is blue paper though. Like your floral prints x

  • Tammy

    I tried this project today with my son and had less than great results. I followed the directions on the package, but my images are very faded and hard to see. Any suggestions?

  • jen

    hmm, i’m not sure. we didn’t do anything special except for what it said on the package, but i did add in a few drops of lemon juice (as the package said) for more vibrant prints. maybe try that, tammy?

  • Tammy

    I tried with and without lemon juice. I also tried leaving the paper in the sun longer, that seemed to help a bit. The pictures would look fine until I started putting water on the paper, then they would almost disappear and after drying not really come back. I guess I’ll keep trying and see what happens, I have a whole pack to use up. Thx!

  • jen

    tammy: i wonder if it has to do with the chemistry of the water where you live… i’m not sure why else the paper would behave differently for different people. hmm.

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  • would love to try this out…

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