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happy birthday book

this is a little post so that i can capture and share with my family (and you all!) a cute little book that N made for her great-grandmother (and my grandmother,) nana.┬ámy nana turns 91 today, and she got a beautiful book (and card) in the mail from my little one. here it is, page by page…

cover page

N decided on the first message of the book: “step outside and breathe” with a “rainbow-checkered earth picture.”

page 1

then an activity she and nana like to do together:

page 2

nana lives on a beach, which is one of N’s favorite locations, of course, so she drew this:

page 3

when i asked N what her favorite memories of thoughts of nana are, she said she likes how they’re always holding hands when they walk together, and she drew this next and thought of her own caption for it – “sharing family love.”

page 4

then she remembered one of nana’s favorite things on earth — candy! my nana is legendary for her “candy drawer!”

page 5

the last image in the book is a birthday cake for the birthday girl, nana:

page 6 (that's a 91 over there on the right, for her age)

on the back, N drew a picture of herself for an author page, along with her name at the top (which i’ve blocked out for privacy/safety.)

back cover

easy construction: we punched 3 holes in the folded papers and threaded it with yarn of N’s choice and finished with a bow.

i don’t know about you, but i’d be THRILLED to get a book like this for my birthday! handmade gifts are just so special – what types of gifts do your kids create for grandparents?





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