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earbud detangler/cozy

this is just a little quickie i figured i should share… almost 2 years ago i posted the photo below on the wall of my facebook page of my non-tangled iphone cord, all dolled up in raspberry yarn.

january 2010

i just wanted to share this idea again, on the blog proper, as i have just ¬†created a new set. while the other wrapping actually stood the test of time, the rubber on the ear pieces did not. so i’m cozy-ing up my new buds like this:

select a type of yarn that you’re okay living with and looking at for quite some time.

can you tell i couldn't choose a color? i went with variegated rainbow yarn.

tie a knot around the bottom of the earbud wire, and begin to knot your way down the wire, friendship-bracelet style. (tip: i secure my friendship bracelets and earbuds with a clipboard while i’m working on them.)¬†when you get to the fork in the road (where the wire splits for two ears,) select one path and continue to knot to where the ear bud is. then go back and do the other segment with a new strand of yarn.

then be super happy that your phone cord won’t be a knotted mess when you try to answer a call, and it’s all stylie now!

oh how i love a good ombre!

i know you’ll get lots of comments and compliments — i’ve serioulsy taught a number of fellow whole foods shoppers how to do this while grocery shopping over the past coupla years. enjoy!

*consider purchasing new earbuds for friends and family and create these as custom holiday gifts, too!



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