tied silk garland for baby blessing

if you follow me on pinterest, you know that i’m a sucker for garland. and prayer flags. and anything resembling these celebratory, sacred, strung-up beauties. so recently when dreaming up handmade and meaningful decor for two friends’ baby blessing ceremony i co-hosted, garland came to mind, of course! specifically, i was inspired by a pin i saw by a beautiful mess. i knew this would be a sweet touch to this particular ceremony.

my fellow art therapist friends and i love to create unique rituals for participants at blessing ceremonies we have thrown for one another and for other family members and friends. many of these art rituals have been featured on my blog already, such as the  woven watercolor blessing, the blessing nest, the blessing sunburst, and momma birthing necklaces or sibling blessing necklaces. this blessing garland fits right in, as it is a simple, collaborative project that can be easily done at a gathering (of any sort!) and it is not an intimidating art project in the slightest.

first, i combed fabric stores to find five colors (in this case, along the nursery color scheme) of lovely fabric. i scored with this silk and a pretty golden cord to tie them to.

once i got the supplies home, i began to tear the fabric into strips that were about a half inch wide.

i love the look of the torn edges

then i cut each one to about 8.5 inches long to make several strips of fabric in each of the colors.

i performed some experiments with markers and pens to discover which worked best on the silk. this is the way party-goers would be able to write their blessings onto the fabric. in the silk’s case, gelly roll pens worked best, as the sharpies and even the fabric markers ran and bleed on the fabric.

i tied blank silk tabs onto the golden cord in a random color order. this way the garland could serve as party decor before guests were able to add to it.

at the blessing, i placed many silk strips and glitter pens into a bowl near the garland with a note, asking guests to write blessings for the baby on the way on the silk, and tie it onto the cord wherever they would like.

after each guest added a blessing or two to the cord, the couple put the garland around a doorway in the baby’s room. they plan to hang it in the birthing center when they are ready to meet their daughter.

i love how such a simple, little touch added another artful element of love and support to this blessing ceremony and to this growing family!



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  • Heather N

    What a beautiful idea!

  • thank you, heather! it’s fun when something this simple can be so lovely.

  • Emily

    I am soo very grateful that this beautiful garland was for Our baby’s blessing!!!  We just LOVE it.  So colorful, so soft and sweet and meaningful.  Thanks Jen! 

  • you’re so welcome… love to you ladies! 

  • Kristina

    Gorgeous Jen! Just pinned this. It would be an awesome project for kids learning to tie knots too! Love how each guest shares a blessing. What a beautiful idea.

  • thanks, kristina! these sorts of collaborative art pieces lend themselves well to lotsa different types of gatherings. and you’re right – the kids could totally get in on this one!

  • Anastasia@healthymamainfo.com

    This is lovely! I’ve heard of something similar: each person ties a strip, and that is a symbol of his promise to keep the baby in his prayers for the rest of his life. Isn’t it beautiful?

  • such a sweet idea – thanks for all your notes anastasia!