true to life

this post is basically an ode to a material i have come to love – the crayola true to life series of dry media. no, they don’t pay me for this (but they totally should! right?! come on, someone send us some art materials to review…)

seriously, their crayons and colored pencils make the art look so cool! N came home from preschool one day with the fish below and asked, “can we get some swirly crayons for home?” um, yeah!

so we did and she went to town in her coloring books making all sorts of rainbowy creatures.

N says, "the bottom butterfly is sad because she's just purple."

wait, what you do mean it's not a sno-cone fight?

then she got her hands on some the true to life colored pencils, and after a trip to the local yeti museum (yep, she’s a fan) she got to work coloring a tree-hugging yeti.

i mean, does this bigfoot look real or what? someone call the tabloids!




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  • Elana

    Thank you for posting this! I totally have to find these! Max is obsessed with taking all of his crayons, pencils, paints, whatever he has and holding them all together to make a rainbow of colors at the same time. He will LOVE these. Maybe they will inspire him to stay in the lines sometimes :).

  • jen

    thanks elana! these pencils and crayons really are cool – you can click the little ad above to get them from amazon (and i’ll get like a penny if you do! cha-ching! so sad…) but i found mine at target. đŸ˜‰ i love max’s genius idea of making rainbows for himself with a bundle of crayons… and inside the lines is over-rated – he has his whole life ahead for that. encourage the creativity however it shows up!

  • As an art teacher who works with little kids I don’t usually love Crayola products, but these do look fun! I’ll have to look for them!

    You might want to try making recycled crayon scribblers with Novi, she’d probably love them.

    I made them in snowflake molds at the holidays, but you can easily make them in a plain cupcake tin, too!

  • jen

    hi aimee – we made our own swirly heart crayons on valentine’s day this year and she had fun with those, too:
    of course, we gave away most of them to her friends. maybe we need a whole batch just for her.

  • That yeti is seriously hilarious! I love it!