turkey cards

with thanksgiving upon us, our wee little greeting card factory has been in turkey mode. now, we usually don’t send cards for thanksgiving, but N made some cool turkeys this year that were certainly card-worthy. also, we don’t eat turkey for thanksgiving (all vegetarians over here) so we befriend the turkeys on thanksgiving… and apparently we keep them safe at our house..? oh, read on.

these handprint turkeys had be at “gobble gobble” when they came home with N from preschool.

i love the multi-colored tail feathers and the wattle detail.

this is such a simple, yet adorable, project for any age! just when we were good and ready to write some sweet notes to family members on the inside of the cards, N decided she wanted to keep them for our fridge at home. she couldn’t part with these turkeys! so she got to work at her art table, drawing new turkeys with crayons on small unlined index cards.

but then, she would only agree to send one of them to gwee (my mom)… she wanted to keep the rest for – you guessed it – the display on our fridge. (we’re having an art-hoarding issue over here.) the red turkey managed to make it into the mailbox with this sweet handwritten (by N) note inside.

it reads: "i am thankful for you! love, N"

at least this is a digital age where the rest of the family can get a really nicely homemade e-card of these turkeys on thanksgiving day! (sorry family and friends, we’re saving turkeys over here… literally!)

i am grateful for you, dear readers.

happy tofurkey day to all!


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  • Love it… she is quite an amazing artist that N!!! Happy Tofurky Day to you too!!! I happen to love the Quorn version the best with garlic, rosemary and olive oil roasting with it!!! Oh, my tummy is excited!

  • jen

    i must add that by the end of the weekend, N had made a few more crayon turkeys, and she eventually offered to send two of them to her other grandparents! hooray for sharing art! 🙂

  • We’ll be doing our turkey’s tomorrow! Thanks, Karen
    Sippy Cup Central

  • Chelsea

    Yay for vegetarian/vegan holidays!

  • awesome! my little guy came home from preschool with that same turkey…you guys have to read “run, turkey, run!”…it’s about a turkey that gets away… we loved it.

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