put a little ART in your heART

when i was a little girl, i used to love melting down my old crayons into new and improved crayon shapes, so i thought this would be fun to do with N this year. (for some reason, my childhood memories of melted wax involve styrofoam meat trays…??) we have a heart mini-muffin pan, which is fitting for the season. my ubercrafty friend over at pink and green mama did this with her daughter last year, as well, so i checked out her blog to learn about the oven settings.

all year, N and i have saved up broken crayons and crayons from restaurants.

N helped me to peel off the paper and break them into small chunks. (fyi: peeling cheap restaurant crayons is not the most fun task.)


we divvied the chunks up into the heart pan.

then we baked them at 250 degrees for about 15 minutes. i CAREFULLY had to carry the tray across the kitchen (minimal wax drippage onto new kitchen sisal rug. ick.) to the fridge where i set them to cool for about 15 minutes. to my surprise, they popped out of the tray very easily.

we put each one into a little valentine bag with a nametag on it and a note in it saying “i heART you” for all of N’s friends. (hey, puns are okay for toddlers.)

though some of the baby siblings of N’s friends, who are not yet in the crayon stage, got some felt hearts that i sewed for them instead.

put a little ART in your heART, valentine!



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  • Traci Corcoran

    That is awesome! We are supposed to get lots of snow. I think crayons and painted dough are in our future!!

  • jen

    like my pink & green mama friend did, you can place your tray of melted wax out on the snow-covered ground to cool/harden the crayons (instead of the fridge) but it’s been 60 degrees here all winter, so i haven’t had that chance… 🙁

  • Awesome Jen!!

    We made ours yesterday and since it’s below freezing here I just set them on the deck for 5 minutes and they popped right out. I made a double batch this year for both preschool and the first grade so my house smells like a Crayola factory!

    Couple of things I changed this year:
    1. I sprayed the pan with non-stick (peanut free) cooking spray.
    2. I set a baking/rimmed cookie sheet (lined with foil) under the heart pan to make transportation between the oven and the freezing cold deck stress free.
    3. I used a box cutter to slice each label down the side of the crayon and they popped right out of the wrappers, no more crayon shavings under your finger nails for a week!

    : )
    pink and green mama

    They look great!

  • jen

    most awesome tips, marylea! i could have used you over here when we did ours!!! thank you for sharing your expertise!!!

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  • jen

    ooh, she made some pretty ones, too! http://thelongthread.com/?p=5646

  • Wendy

    I recently learned a wonderful tip for removing the paper wrappers from crayons – soak them in cold water for 15 minutes or so. The wrappers slip right off!

  • jen

    wendy!!! you saved the day over here this year (2012). we soaked ours in water and you’re right. it’s easy peasy to get the labels off that way!