water balloons!

okay, i can’t pass this one off as art, but it was so much fun that i had to share. aaaand, we checked off one of our summer activity cards today — water balloons!

we (uh, okay just me) got soaked trying to fill the water balloons with the hose, and then we had a great time with them!

the first batch

N had a great time watering the plants with them…

and watering the grass with them…

watering the garden wall with them…

there was also some degree of self-sacrafice involved 😉

we were sure to gather up all of the balloon pieces when we were finished so that no animals would eat them. N gave them a new life by making little blankets out of them for her marbles (creative lady.)

happy water ballooning this summer!



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  • Next to blowing bubbles and eating watermelon…best summer activity ever.

  • Oh, I know one little girl who would love this! 🙂