windblown tree

i just saw this idea for making an adorable autumn tree on my amazingly talented pink & green mama friend’s blog, and we had to try it out. she was inspired by that artist woman’s blog on a similar project, which is so lovely! these trees are so cool for fall, and it’d be great to make one for every season!

creativitree in bloom

we actually did it a bit differently than my friend did, as she used watercolors, which would really work super-great. though today we were already painting with acrylics, so i just made a very watery brown and put a blob of it at the bottom of a piece of our paper. i showed N how to blow the paint using a straw. (admittedly, i had to help her out a bit in the wind velocity department.)

blowing like the wind

we blew this way and that way to make the tree grow tall and branch out in random directions.

when it was nearly dry, N glued colorful pieces of tissue paper to the tree to make leaves. (pink & green mama did this step before the painting, which also seems to work wonderfully.)

autumn tree with kids

we hung our windblown tree outside to dry in the blowing wind.

N's tree

N's tree


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  • Lovely!!

    I love the way you cut out the tissue paper into leaf shapes. Wouldn’t this be a fun way to do a series of trees for each of the 4 seasons?! : )

    Great job N.

    xoxo pink and green mama MaryLea

  • jen

    we’re totally down with doing all four seasons, for sure! thanks, ML

  • Pkay

    I’m going to try this with my littles except I’m going to let them use a blow dryer. 🙂